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Why Homeopathy?

Healing the Person Instead of Managing Symptoms

Why Homeopathy?

Dr. Marnie Vail started Flagstaff Homeopathy for the sole purpose of providing people with an opportunity to heal themselves in a fundamental way, to get to the root of their health problems, rather than controlling or covering up symptoms with medications which often have unknown or harmful side effects.

For a number of years I integrated Homeopathy into my practice of Family Medicine, offering it to patients who were interested in a holistic approach or who were willing to try something different from regular medicine. The results were satisfying for me and my patients. At the time, there was much I enjoyed about Family Practice: I loved the continuity of care, getting to know people of all ages and economic situations, helping people deal with emergencies as well as sort through chronic problems. I enjoyed providing women's health care, especially during the time that I had obstetric privileges. Sports physicals, well child exams, wound care, hospital medicine, helping people find the resources to best address their unique situation - all of it was gratifying.

Much of what I did in Family Practice I can still do as a Homeopathy Practitioner - certainly the relationship aspect, developing mutual trust and respect is the same if not more so. As a Homeopath, I spend considerable time listening, understanding the nature of the problem and developing a plan in partnership with the client. For episodic illnesses or acute illnesses like the flu, and for injuries Homeopathy has much to offer; in time people learn the appropriate use of acute remedies like Arnica Montana, Belladonna, Calendula and so on for minor injuries and illnesses.

Flagstaff, Arizona is a wonderfully diverse community and people of the many cultures represented here are finding Homeopathic Medicine to be compatible with their traditional ways and not incompatible with the best that western medicine has to offer. Please call, text, or email me if you have questions or would like to schedule and appointment. I am committed to providing Homeopathy to people of all income levels; so, I will establish payment which works for each family or individual. Thank you!; 928-380-5623  

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

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