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What to Expect: Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Problems

What to Expect: Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathy is a holistic healing art. Homeopathic treatment will stimulate your own inner healing response such that, in time, you will have a sense of well being, confidence,freedom,and health.

In order for your homeopath to determine which homeopathic remedy and what regimen will help you heal holistically, she needs to know all about you, your whole story. As best you can, you need to tell what symptoms or illnesses have prompted you to seek help, what you have tried so far, what illnesses or injuries you have had in the past, what runs in your family, how you feel about everything that has happened, what you like and don't like, and so on.It is good for you to share whatever you feel is important whether it seems relevant or not. Who are you!?

Often your homeopath will need to ask some questions for clarification; sometimes your practitioner will want to talk to a family member to get their take on things.   Young children will usually be accompanied by a parent during a homeopathic interview. An initial homeopathic evaluation will take between one hour and several hours depending on the complexity of the situation and the age of the person.

Sometimes, though not always, the practitioner will want to contemplate or study your case after you leave the office before deciding upon a homeopathic remedy for you. When a remedy is selected, you will be given a test dose and instructed to report back in a few days whatever you have noticed about your response to the remedy, This will help determine whether the remedy, the potency, the dose is correct for you and how often you will need to take the remedy. You will be asked to report back every so often for the first few weeks or if you have questions or concerns - this helps to get the treatment off to a good start.

Most people will need to have an in office follow up every four to eight weeks for four months to two years. Usually, a person will take one remedy for a period of time and then may "be done" with that remedy and need to be reevaluated for a different remedy. All this is dependent on age, the complexity of the problems for which a person is seeking help and what a person wants to accomplish with the treatment. Having said all this, everyone is unique, miracles happen and healing is a mysterious process. What I have described applies to treatment for chronic problems; look at the blog "Acute Problems" for illnesses like the flu or acute injuries.Contact me if you have questions: or 928-380-5623.
Thank you, Marnie Vail.  

Thursday, 07 January 2016

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