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Obstacles to Cure

When treating homeopathically we sometimes talk about “obstacles to cure”.  These are anything which will override the effect of a well chosen homeopathic remedy or prevent the remedy from working. This said, it is not so easy to make a list of obstacles to cure because what might prevent a remedy from working in one person might not be a problem in another. People are unique and complex.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who created the system of homeopathic medicine over 200 years ago, enumerated numerous foods, drinks, spices, medications and habits which he felt interfered with homeopathic treatment. Many homeopaths still recommend avoiding coffee and other stimulants, strong odors like camphor and eucalyptus, and extreme lifestyles (like not getting enough sleep, too much exercise, too little activity, dysfunctional relationships). Of course, a person starting homeopathic treatment might have unhealthy habits which are part of the reason for seeking help; hopefully, the treatment will work well enough for these things to moderate in time. And, some people have all sorts of habits which would seem to make homeopathic treatment impossible and yet they heal well. Like the saying goes: the proof is in the pudding!

Hahnemann wrote frequently about the deleterious effect of medications and treatments used by “regular” or conventional medical practitioners, saying that they created disease of their own, weakened the vital functions, or suppressed symptoms in such a way that disease was driven further into the interior of the being. Today, it is generally accepted among homeopathic practitioners that the use of pharmaceuticals makes homeopathic treatment more difficult and sometimes impedes progress altogether. But, in many situations it is dangerous or impossible to stop pharmaceuticals, and sometimes treatments like surgery and radiation have caused organ or systemic damage such that the vital function is severely impaired. These are things which have to be considered case by case and handled with great care and, ideally, in cooperation with a person’s regular conventional doctor.

Other things which may present an obstacle to cure might be herbal medicines, acupuncture, massage and “energy work;” although, in some circumstances they may actually be complementary to Homeopathic treatment and vice versa.  Dental work and dental amalgams, computers and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, food additives and bad diet generally act as obstacles to cure. But again, these are not absolute - as some people say: the universe is merciful and miracles do happen.