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Healthy Children from the Start

With Homeopathy

Healthy Children from the Start

It is a challenge for parents in today’s world to keep their children healthy. We are all familiar with the stresses of modern life: preposterously involved schedules; bills, bills, bills; the slog through “junk food nation” to find actual food; noise; toxic environments - these are just a few.  Stress makes parents and children more susceptible to illness.

Homeopathic Treatment is a good way to strengthen the vitality of the parent and the child so that they are less likely to become ill, much less likely to develop a chronic disease, and more likely to structure their life in such a way as to avoid stress. Homeopathy, as provided at Flagstaff Homeopathy, restores the health of the person. Where there is health, there is no room for disease. If there is already obvious illness, Homeopathic Treatment will support the person’s vital force in completing what it is trying to do with the creation of the illness in the first place. It will present to the vital force a medicinal “illness” which is similar in nature to the natural illness, but stronger. In this way the reaction of the vital force (which is always equal in magnitude and opposite to the disrupting force) will be effective in throwing off the natural illness at the same time that it is reacting to the medicinal “illness” (i.e.: the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy is the new disrupting force.)

Illness begins with a disturbance in the very interior of the being, at the level of what I have referred to as “the vital force.” The vital force is nonphysical; we can’t see it or touch it, but it is the ultimate cause of everything that our senses can perceive about the being. It is what makes the difference between a dead body and a living person. A disturbance of the vital force can be more or less inherited at birth, or it can be the result of some mechanical, chemical or emotional influence like injury, poisoning or an unhealthy emotional environment.

Whatever the cause, the disturbance in the vital force results in the vital force creating a response to try to reestablish balance, harmony, and health. This is what we see as a symptom or an illness. In the healthy being, and where the disturbance is not overwhelming or persistent, the vital force will make a reaction, the reaction (illness) will run its course and health will be restored.  An example of this would be a child with a fever: there is a disturbance of the vital force –perhaps a virus; the vital force mounts a response – fever; the fever runs its course; health is restored. There is no intervention necessary to restore health (other than supporting the system with fluids and appropriate nourishment.) In actuality, the immune system having been “exercised” by the vital force responding to the fever, the child may be healthier than before the illness.

If, however, the disturbance is overwhelming or persistent, the vital force may not be able to make a reaction which is adequate to restore health. An example of this would be a child with recurrent or chronic ear infection. There is a disturbance of the vital force – virus, bacteria, or other influence; the vital force mounts a response -the ear infection; but, the response, for whatever reason, isn’t adequate and health is never fully restored. There are a number of situations in which this sort of picture develops: one is the situation in which the ear infections have been suppressed with antibiotic treatment; another is the situation in which the child has suffered trauma at birth such that the bones of the skull are subtly malpositioned preventing effective drainage of the Eustachian tubes which are connected to the middle ear; yet a third situation would be one in which the child has food allergies which cause inflammation or increased mucous production which support development of ear infections. These are a few of the more common scenarios.

In most situations in which the child’s own vital force has been unable to throw off or completely resolve an illness or symptom and restore health, homeopathic treatment can be of help. The Homeopathic Practitioner will look at the totality of the child’s symptoms - physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. The symptoms in their totality and the essential quality which unites them reflect (mirror) the true illness or disturbance of the vital force. The Homeopath will then find a single Homeopathic Remedy which will stimulate a healing response on the part of the child’s vital force. The remedy is simply assisting the self healing processes of the child. And, because the remedy is acting at such a fundamental level in the child’s being, it will, if well chosen, stimulate a healing response within the whole child. This is why Homeopathy is a true Holistic Medicine; the child may become healthier or happier in areas in which the parents hadn’t previously realized there was a problem.

Homeopathy is a wonderful gentle and effective healing modality for the whole family. It is a complicated science and art first created by the brilliant physician, Samuel Hahnemann.  If you have any questions about homeopathy and whether it would be appropriate treatment for you or your child, please call me, Marnie Vail, MD, at Flagstaff Homeopathy. I am retired from regular medicine, but still practice Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy.