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About Us

I have studied homeopathy since 1992 and I have practiced it since 1994. I work primarily with the methods of classical homeopathy detailed in Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s last editions of the Organon of the Medical Art and expanded by numerous homeopaths since.

I practiced as a psychotherapist for a number of years after obtaining a masters degree in social work from Bryn Mawr College. As a therapist I was interested in family and systems therapy, the use of hypnosis taught by Milton Erickson, and the work of Carl Jung.  I was grateful for the opportunity to listen and talk with families and young adults.

I have an MD degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania and completed a three year residency at Montgomery Family Practice Residency in Norristown, Pennsylvania. I practiced family medicine for a total of twenty years: in the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, in Crownpoint, N.M. (Indian Health Service) and in Flagstaff. I integrated homeopathy and alternative medicine practices into my family medicine practice for fifteen years. I first used homeopathy for more or less acute problems like flues and injuries. Then, as I learned more, I worked to ameliorate and cure chronic problems on a deeper level. I learned to use supplements, nutrition, and detoxification treatments to support the system during healing and to remove obstacles to cure.  

I also studied and practiced Vipassana meditation and, after the destruction of the world trade centers, set up a peacemakers group for interested community members and participated in other efforts to make a peaceful world possible.  I explored Tibetan Buddhism teachings, helped to organize the annual Compassion Project conference at Northern Arizona University and continue to study, meditate upon and look for opportunities to cultivate compassion and peace in our community and the world.  In the last few years I have initiated, with other interested people from the area, Truth and Reconciliation Northern Arizona - we are doing Story Circles and other events and workshops to reveal the truth about the history of the area from the point of view of the people.

My practice is homeopathy; however, my background knowledge and experience naturally inform my work as a homeopath and lead me fully to grasp the totality of a situation, how I can be of help and when I need to enlist the help of other practitioners (allopathic or alternative.) I no longer do allopathic medicine, but I have a deep understanding of health, disease, identification of emergencies, and the effects of pharmaceuticals. I am familiar with the politics of medicine and the controversies around vaccines, cancer treatment, and other issues in medicine and health care. I welcome open discussion in an effort to find what is true.

I am intimately familiar with the problems in the food system in our country and with some solutions to the problem of being well nourished when surrounded by devitalized, processed and chemicalized “food.” I have studied and applied the principles of healing with food promulgated by the Weston A. Price Foundation and by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD in her Gut and Psychology/Physiology system. More recently I have studied and practiced other dietary systems to understand the relationship of food and health. I have volunteered as a community member on the School Wellness Policy Committee. I love to cook, I am a gardener; and, I am always learning about growing, preparing and preserving food in healthful ways and am fascinated by the healing properties of food.

Besides the practice of homeopathy, my husband, Steve Dix, and I enjoy owning and running a small B&B: Elden Trails Bed and Breakfast. We serve our guests a delicious and nourishing breakfast made from very local and, as much as possible, organic ingredients prepared according to individual dietary needs and preferences.

We also enjoy our wonderful grown children, their partners and our grandchildren.