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Thank you for checking out Flagstaff Homeopathy. If you are looking for help with restoring your health (or that of a family member) from the inside out, really getting to the bottom of things, you have come to the right place.

Dr. Vail will assist you to heal yourself; Homeopathy encourages your healing capacities. It is safe, gentle, and economical.

At the top of each page of the Flagstaff Homeopathy website you will see photos of a few of the plants, minerals and animal substances which are the origin of different homeopathic remedies. The lotus logo and the photos represent the nature of Homeopathy as a science which is based in experimental evidence and in an understanding of the energetic or spiritual basis of all matter. Homeopathy is a complex science, a complete system of medicine created over 200 years ago by the brilliant Doctor Samuel Hahnemann.  In Dr. Vail’s blogs you will find more detailed explanations of homeopathic medicine: ideas about how it works, its history, how it differs from conventional or allopathic medicine and what you might expect if you undergo homeopathic treatment. You will also find discussions and opinions about a wide range of topics related to homeopathy, healing arts, medicine, philosophy, spirituality, science, and so on – poke around and see what interests you.

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